The Padova Hotel

Padova Hotel is owned by Giarelli Family, who took over its management in 2013. The hotel was established in 1973. It became the best luxurious hotel in Italy and is still one of the most beautiful places to stay when visiting the Caribbean. Our doors are open to guests from all parts of the world.

Padova Hotel is a stunning inspiration for every traveller and you will fall in love with the moment you see its photos. It is one of the most distinctive places to stay in Italy and we ensure you get all you need for a comfortable stay. If you love rich Italian history that blends with contemporary designs perfectly, this is the hotel to stay while on a holiday. You can easily access the famous coastline from this hotel that gives you a dramatic beautiful view of the Padova city. The hotel was renovated in 2014, but Italian spirit is still alive. Its modern look did not take away its rich history making you feel that you are in a real Caribbean hotel.

When booking a place to stay in this hotel, you can choose one of the beautiful rooms with views over the streets of Padova city. We have a swimming pool where you can relax and enjoy some cool time before you set out to enjoy various sights. But, it’s the cuisine that makes your at the Padova Hotel memorable. We have the best Italian and amazing Mediterranean cuisine in our restaurants. As you eat, you get breath taking views and the cool breeze of the coastline. The Padua city is full of arcaded street and bridges, which is beautiful and amazing to every visitor.

To get a taste of the traditional hotel setting with contemporary comfort, Padova Hotel is you best choice with its impressive style. It has dynamic design that puts in the mood to have fun and relax the moment you step into the hotel. All our guests are welcomed in sumptuous atmosphere and you can easily get lost to our enticing aristocratic charm. The interior is enriched with inspiring highlights and elaborate embellishments. The ancient splendor meets with modern elegance to create irresistible feeling for every guest who steps into this hotel. Padova Hotel continues to stand out and dominate the hotel industry scene in Italy.

The rooms offer a quiet and guarantee privacy. Every room is peaceful and sound proof and we assure you silence that allows you to enjoy your stay in the hotel. Accessing strategic sights is easy as the hotel is located in the city where you can get a cab to the airport, central railway or use the tram, bus or a bicycle to visit various places around Padova.

There are many must visit places in Padova including museums, art exhibitions and the first botanical garden in the world located in this city. You also get a chance to enjoy the Sherwood Festival, which happens from mid-June up to mid-July and lasts for a whole month. It takes place in the garden located outside the Padova main soccer stadium. Every weekend, during the festival, people are entertained by international and Italian bands. You can even ride a bike to the stadium from Padova Hotel and have fun, but if you would like to stay in the hotel, you van choose to play some games, you will receive an online casino bonus when you make a reservation. You can also choose to already use this bonus before your stay and maybe you will stay for free in the hotel!

Our hotel is located in a safe area and you can walk or move around without fear of being attacked. Over the years, we have been serving our guest with genuine passion and the Italian hospitality is incomplete without our name being included. Every visit, with thrill and amaze you as we continue getting better.