Padova Hotel dates back to the 1970s. Despite having been renovated in 2014, the hotel did not lose its Italian feel and look. The enchanting look of this place to stay when visiting Italy has 38 comfortable and beautiful rooms to spend for all the time that you will be in Italy. In 2013, when we bought the hotel, we started the upgrading the architecture of the whole building including the rooms. However, we did not erase the rich history of the hotel. We integrated contemporary designs with the hotel’s initial traditional architecture to give our customers an extremely comfortable to place to stay when visiting in Padua city.

Our rooms are given maximum attention to ensure that every person who spends a night here has something positive to make them come back. We are obsessed with details and keen to give our customers current trends. From beddings to the interior decorations in every room, entire setting of the rooms is up-to-date. The air conditioning is efficient and everything else is excellent in terms thermal and acoustic insulation. In simple words, at Padova Hotel, we offer sophisticated, yet comfortable rooms for all. Our expertise and experience in hospitality ensures that every guest feels at home away from their house.

Our rooms are spacious and perfect for those on holiday and people on business trips. With the sound-proofing, Wi-Fi and cable internets connection and a satellite TV, you can relax or work in your room. Every room is designed with convenience for you to work or wind up. We offer laundry services and a direct external phone line. At the end of a long day, you can relax on the anatomic bed with comfy pillows for a good rest.

The Padova Hotel has a restaurant, conference facilities and rooms that give every guest a pleasant and welcoming stay. The surroundings are convenient with easy access to various sights. During summer you can sit and enjoy a cool breeze on the terrace. We offer 24 hours room services and you can make payments with any major credit card.

If you are looking for a hotel that’s different from the others, Padova Hotel is the place to stay. Every room has its own style depending on what you want. Take your time to explore the different rooms, check the amenities and select what you feel is right for you. You can choose to stay in room that has romantic colors, which includes red and orange. Some have blue colors, white and others are floral. Each room has a theme that will melt your soul depending on what you are looking for.

At Padova Hotel, we have breakfast room furnished and decorated to make your morning pleasantly beautiful. The contemporary space makes you feel at home as you can read your favorite paper or just curl up in one of the comfortable chairs. The breakfast menu has a wide range of variety including fresh fruits, tea, coffee, savory food and we are always ready to provide special breakfast when requested. During the cold season, we keep hot drinks in the breakfast room for our guests in the afternoons. If it’s on a hot day, our guests are provided with cold drinks.

A stay at Padova Hotel will offer you the perfect place to discover and enjoy the cultural city of Padua. Give yourself a great treat and book accommodation in our hotel. It makes your sightseeing tours easy. Other facilities like our 24-hour fitness gym will ensure that you main productive and healthy through out your stay.