Hotel Padova is aware of the popularity of online casinos. Everyday, more and more online casinos seem to be popping up on the world wide web and this technology changes everything. Back in the day, land-based casinos were integrated in hotels as a part of the concept. Hotel Padova used to had a casino located in the hotel, which was very popular among all of our hotel guests. People loved to play at our casino after diner and we often organized special casino nights, including a live band and entertainment. Now that online casinos are getting extremely popular, we had to close our land-based casino because of the lack of interest. Even though our guest still love to gamble every now and then, they prefer to do this in an online casino. Hotel Padova followed this movement of technology in order to use this information for our own hotel.

Christmas is now on its way and more people are now looking for an accommodation to spend their Christmas holiday. Hotel Padova got plenty of rooms still available and we are always looking forward to welcome new guests in our hotel. The entire hotel will be transformed into a Christmas world, including the holiday spirits. Christmas is all about sharing love and helping each other out. We would like to reward our new guest with a fun and small Christmas gift, based on our new casino concept! Everyone who made a reservation at Hotel Padova in the month of December, will receive a special voucher with an online casino bonus. If they activate this voucher in the online casino that is mentioned on this voucher, they will receive a deposit bonus of 300% together with 100 free spins, just because we love our guests so much!

There are two different ways to spend your voucher immediately in our hotel; activate it online on your mobile with our Wifi, or activate it in our temporary internet cafe. The internet cafe at Hotel Padova is a room filled with iMacs, iPads and even macbooks. Activate the devices will cost you a little bit extra, but allows you to work or surf for many hours. While sitting in our internet cafe, you can get a real nice cup of coffee at the bar. We also serve some small dishes in the internet cafe, but eating behind the devices will be at your own risk. If you would like to activate your online casino bonus on your own smartphone, you can use our hotel Wifi to do it. Most of our guests likes to play online games on their phone on their room, which is completely understandable.

Are you looking forward to the Christmas holidays and are you interested to book your room at Hotel Padova? Make sure to complete your reservation for the month of December and we will reward you with this great bonus deal. For our very small and little guests, we already got a different surprise in mind. They will get a coloring book together with a box a crayons! Hotel Padova can ensure our guests that we will do anything to keep the holiday spirit alive while staying in our hotel.